DINNER 09.0 | 24/10

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DINNER 8.0 | 26/9

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Dr. Emil P. Bolongaita is the Head of Carnegie Mellon University Australia (CMU-A). Appointed to this position in 1 2014, he is concurrently a Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy and Management. 

Prior to his appointment in CMU-A, Dr Bolongaita was the Unit Head of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program at the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 

Carnegie Mellon University is a private, global research university and stands among the world's most renowned educational institutions. A great Education brand, respected Globally.

Established in 1900 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon has been a birthplace of innovation and is a global leader in bringing ground-breaking ideas to market and creating successful start-up businesses.

Emil will talk about the past present and exciting future of CMU-A in Adelade and the benefits it can bring to Government, business and the economy 

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