DINNER 5.0 | 7/6

We had 8 Italian ScaleUp companies from 4 sectors (Agri-Food, BioTech, FinTech, Fashion Tech - Design  and Cybersecurity) coming to Dine with us.


As part of Italian Innovation Days Australia 2018 they spent 2 days in Adelaide, meeting with companies in similar sectors and with research labs.

Our Dinner was a highlight of the visit with each company doing a 5 Minute Pitch introduced by the Tour Leader Emil Abirascid, Italian expert on start up and innovation.
Special guests included the Consul for Italy in SA Ms Roberta Rozzitti, the Hon David Pisoni Minister Skills and and Industry and the Hon Vincent Tarzia - Speaker in the house of Assembly.
This is an initiative of the Italian Government,  and follows similar events in Tokyo and Melbourne.The Adelaide visit is made possible with support from the South Australian Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment. We want to show them that Adelaide is where they need to build their business.
Marcoi Baccanti CEO of Helath Industries SA who coordinated the visit summed it up well ih an article for an Italian publication.

DINNER 6.0 | 11/7

Why SA?

Why Now?

Not ONe BUT Two Panels   

With Sharron Ferrier acting  as the Master Facilitator 


The Panels were be made up of several of our regulars and a few newcomers. They were as diverse a group as possible e.g. age, gender, background, industry, education and cover startup to grownup business.

PANEL 1 -  Why SA?  WHY NOW?

Katya Komarova, Amelie Froger, Di Thompson, Jordan Gruber, Geoff Thomas


Robert Godden, Senator Tim Storer, Travis Clapp, Dino Gallina, Miriam Smith plenty of opportunity for:

DINNER 3.0 | 11/3



We featured a Panel of Adelaide Entrepreneurs - Tom Hajdu, Kristian Livolsi, Shane Yeend, Leila Henderson and  Marty Gauvin discussing what we need to do to Keep Moving SA Forward

That session could have easily gone for another hour. 

In addition to the Panel we had Elisabetta Faenza - CoFounder and CEO of LeafCan Group tell us all about her plans for Adelaide - ““Accelerating Medicinal Cannabis Innovation in the GigCity"

And many others from interstate and overseas continued to join us including Senator Tim Storer.

The energy enthusiasm and diversity of the people there was once again the main Ingredient in continuing to build something very special here.

Those who were there heard from Marco Baccanti CEO of Health Industries SA about something special coming up at our dinner in June.



DINNER 2.0 | 13/3

Marco Baccanti - CEO of Health Industries SA - an agency of the South Australian Government, acting as a single point of contact for health and life sciences companies investing in Adelaide. Staffed by business professionals, with experience in areas such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices.


Alex Grant - CEO of Myriota - a company using low-cost "nano-satellites" about 30cm in length which are deployed up to 800km above the earth's surface to monitor internet of things sensors in the mining, agriculture and logistics industries is eyeing a potential ASX listing.


ThincLab's Kristian Livolsi will interview Dr Matthew Tetlow - Founder and CEO of Innovor Technologies - they design and integrate small satellites


Terry Gold - MD of TechStars Adelaide will talk about Why Adelaide - having moved here 2 years ago to establish the world renowned TechStars program for Asia in Adelaide.

DINNER 1.0 | 15/2

At our first Dinner on February 15th - Rick Carter spoke about the background of Innovation in the City and plans for these dinners before introducing Tom Hajdu.  Tom explained why now is the time for Adelaide to step up and become a world class city of the future. TechInSA's CEO Joe Thorpe spoke about all of the plans, programs and opportunities that are set to drive Adelaide ahead as a place where Tech Entrepreneurs can flourish. ThincLab's Adjunct Professor Kristian Livolsi interviewed Dr Michelle Perugini CoFounder of Multi Award winning AI startup Life Whisperer - inspiring the audience!