We have some great opportunities to grow and deliver benefits to all of our strongest ongoing supporters and would love you to play a role which will be mutually rewarding.


In developing an invite only individual membership and corporate partnership plan we have a number of objectives all aimed at providing value to our supporters  and a growing business opportunities in the future. 

Why Foundation25 - We want up to 25 members from our support base to supplemented by by our Corporate Partners and our "alumni" (future focussed businesses e.g. Space, BioTech, Blockchain AI etc who have been part of of IITC events in past).

Foundation25 will form the Foundation for developing some shared visions for our individual organistaions and the State of SA  to be delivered by 2025 by taking ownership of a problem that we believe we can help with delivering a real solution. 


  • We want to build an alumni group of 6 startups and young entrepreneurs  we have had to our events and assist them to stay involved with us. We see great opportunities for our members to get to know businesses that are in the AI, Space, BioTech etc new technology areas.

  • Also we need an intern (a budding young entrepreneur) to take on much of the time consuming planning etc while we focus on growing and supporting our core. The intern to be shared with Alliance Partner Organisations.

  • We will in November establish a base in the Hyde St in the city (Moonshot Central) for our meetings, events and casual drinks on a Friday afternoon to meet like minded Business People and Entrepreneurs.

  • We will also build events in Brisbane to develop opportunities for Adelaide and Brisbane businesses collaborate.


So we need to grow revenue, commitment and loyalty.


Individual Membership will be by invitation only (limited to 25 initially) and will be based on developing a network of trust within our community.


Our Members (Individual and Corporate) will be seen by our supporters and followers


  • 1400 on Facebook (800 regularly engaged)


  • 350 on our mailing databases - people who have attended events or signed up for information


  • 3000 on our Instagram feed


….. as supporting our Purpose, Aims and Activities. 

Backing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in SA!!


Our Corporate partners will have the opportunity to promote this to their clients, staff, colleagues and prospects. Plus use our logo and any relevant materials on their website and other promotions.


In the age of Digital Transformation and Disruption being associated in the market with a movement such as ours will be a vital signal for your stakeholders.


We will build an inner circle of trust to develop tight working relationships between our most loyal supporters plus Major Sponsor, Corporate Partners and Alumni.  We expect this number to grow slowly later based on an invite only membership approach. 





Leverage the Expertise, Experience, Energy and Enthusiasm that has grown from our events to drive SA Forward in specific and measurable ways.


Moonshot thinking motivates teams to think big by framing problems as solvable and encouraging “anything is possible” dialogues around how to solve the challenge.


Action - The MoonShot Group


Form The Moonshot Group that can meet to develop ideas and aims for their business and/or much larger visions for Adelaide and beyond. We will give life to our core aim of developing more Collaboration.



Moonshot Membership



    • IITC to develop ASAP a Trust based Invite only Core Membership group of Individuals (up to 25)


    • IITC to develop a core group of Corporate members.


    • IITC to develop R&D partnerships - CMUA Future Labs, Adelaide Uni ThincLab and Flinders NVI 


    • IITC to develop an Alumni group comprised of Startups and Scaleups that have been associated with IITC in past


ALLIANCES  (sharing resources e.g. Admin Intern) 


    • SA International Business Network (Nick Leaver)

    • Third Thursday Thinkers (John Lindsay)

    • Institute of Engineering and Technology

    • Founder Institute of Silicone Valley




    • IGPI (Rachit Khosla)

    • The Middle East Connection ( Ahmad, Will, Yassar)

    • Business SA




Corporate Partners and Individual members


Individual members by invitation (Up to 25) - $225 per year


  • 1 dinner ticket plus one Guest ticket

  • 1 Free Ticket to Xmas party 

  • $40 per event (no more early birds) and $75 for 2  - to encourage  bringing a guest 

    • pricing may change subject to venue pricing

  • Invites to all special Moonshot invite only events and offers from our sponsors and corp partners

  • Invites to partner events (eg Cocoon Ground Breaking Dinner and IET Sustainability Dinner)

  • Opportunity to use the Moonshot Space free of charge for one business and /or fundraising event per year 

  • Membership of the Moonshot group

  • 100 Member Cards to promote your involvement to colleagues 




Corp Partners $225 per month - 1 per business category

(minimum 6 months)


  • 2 free tickets per event 

  • Plus 1 Free ticket for an Alumni member or  nominated young Entrepreneur (from ThincLab, NVI or Carnegie Mellon) to attend as your guest for the evening.  A great way to build a relationship with new and up and coming businesses in SA.... this ticket can also be used for any other guest of the Corp Partner -  a staff member, colleague, prospect etc 

  • Opportunity to purchase more tickets for each dinner at $75 per 2 or $40 for 1

    • pricing may change subject to venue pricing 

  • Opportunity to be one of the Conversations in City Interviewees each year

  • Opportunity to host an event at a venue of your choosing (eg your office) for our members and your guests (eg clients and prospects) 

  • Opportunity to use the Moonshot Space free of charge for three business and /or fundraising events per year This could be a presentation to highlight your business to our members and guests or we could supply a presenter to talk about their work in an emerging industry in SA eg Space, AI, MedTech etc for your clients - Event Marketing is a very effective business builder these days

  • Opportunity to provide a special offers to attract business from our Followers 

  • Branding at our events and on our website, newsletters, promo videos and Live Streams

  • Use of our branding to highlight your commitment to Innovation as a Corporate Partner

  • Invites to all special invite only events and offers from our sponsors and corp partners

  • 100 Member Cards to promote your involvement to colleagues


Presenting Partner (Major Sponsor) $550 per month for 12 months 1 only

3 free tickets plus one for a young entrepreneur at each event

All relevant benefits as above plus all existing branding etc 

YES! I want to become a Foundation25 member
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