DINNER 12.0 | 20/03

The Panel

Space, Drones, Internet of Things, Blockchain, AI - Technology taking SA Agriculture to the World.

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Oli Madgett

Founder of Platfarm which makes it simple and cost effective for growers to manage their land with precision — helping to maximise yields while optimising inputs, minimising wastage, and increasing

Katy Landt

Co-Founder and Creator of Safe Ag Systems has a focus on delivering strategic UI/UX to make sure the solution is always friendly and functional. From a Yorke Peninsula farming family. protecting farming lifestyles is Katy's passion.

Seth Thuraisingham

Seth is a technology entrepreneur, who owns and operates Consilium Technology. At Consilium they have been growing a remarkable team of very intelligent engineers. Their engineers are at the edge of innovation with the underpinning skills to develop solutions for modelling, simulation and machine learning.

Previous Events

DINNER 11.0 | 06/02

 The Panel




We explored the topic of LEADERSHIP with a diverse and outspoken, entertaining panel with plenty of opportunities for Q + A. Our Facilitator was Rick Carter and our Panellists were:

Natasha Malani - Director, South Australian Leaders

Councillor Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM  

Australian anti domestic violence campaigner. and CoFounder the Zahra Foundation

John Noonan - Chairman (SA/NT) of The Institution of Engineering & Technology

 The Pitch

Lloyd Damp - Founder and Owner of Southern Launch - Specialises in modelling & simulation and flight dynamics. He has over 11 years experience in the Australian Defence environment.

He explained why and how he is setting up Southern Launch to focus on placing satellites in polar Earth orbits at their dedicated space launch complex in South Australia.

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The Presentation

Dave Bohn

Director - MyBudget

Come and see Dave Bohn, MyBudget Director, lift the lid (a little), on what MyBudget is up to, and talk a lot about why they are doing it.

You will hear firsthand how MyBudget is reinventing the way the world lives and manages money, and how the finance industry can’t be fixed…it must be re-imagined.

If you want to know more about how to create an extraordinary culture, and why your company’s purpose needs to be at the heart of your innovation, then Dave Bohn is a not-to-be-missed appearance that will change the way you think, for the better. 








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 The Special Guest

Nathanael Miller from the NASA Langley Research Centre in the US explained why he loved his visits to Adelaide.

And why we are destined to become a much sought after destination and what the Space Industry will mean to Adelaide in years to come.

 The Presentation


Infusing innovation in your DNA – lessons from Japan

Rachit Khosla - Senior Manager - Singapore

Industrial Growth Platform Inc. (one of Japan’s largest consulting and M&A advisory firms)


Innovation is the most (ab)used buzz words of this century. Many businesses like using the term but unfortunately very few have understood its ethos or mastered it within their business for success. Innovation is not a one-off event but a mindset. It is an open fact that Japan has led the world’s innovative landscape way before this term even found its popularity. Many large Japanese firms have witnessed highs and lows in their innovative journey.

In his presentation Rachit presented IGPI’s original and fresh perspective on mastering innovation and making it a part of a business’s DNA.

Blending innovation + Japan + harnessing innovation by CVCs, Accelerators etc. presented some very interesting IGPI analysis about why clients failed to innovate and how IGPI supports them.

 The Story

Over the years IITC has assisted many SA businesses - Startups, ScaleUps and GrownUps to Grow and develop new business and markets.

At each dinner we choose one to give a 5 minute overview of the benefits they gained from their assoctaion with us.

Dino Gallina CoFounder of One Construct explained how the connections he is making at IITC events is helping with his plans to disrupt the Home Building Industry using the latest technologies and tools.



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