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Taking SA to the World (esp Asia)

At each of our events we encourage people to arrive early and leave late  taking the opportunity to meet others and explore opportunities to collaborate in some way around our stated purpose of driving SA forward..

To stimulate that we give people doing big bold things a chance to talk about what they do and for our regulars to take part in panels and to present their story and the benefits they are getting from attending in the past

Our theme for 2019 - Taking SA  to the World (esp Asia) 

Our Events are ALL about
The People you Meet
The Conversations you start
The Connections you make
Dinner - Launching the Top50 Over50 Awards  SOLD OUT
Feb 12, 2020, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The Wellington Hotel,
36 Wellington Square, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

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Christmas Party

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$50 Food and Fine Wine and Beer Inc

Alongside AI and automation, virtual reality (VR) and its closely related cousin augmented reality (AR) have been touted for several years now as technologies likely to have a profoundly transformative effect on the way we live and work.

Solutions which are allowing humans to explore fully immersive computer-generated worlds (in VR), and overlay computer graphics onto our view of our immediate environment (AR) are both increasingly being adopted in both entertainment and industry.

Over the next year, both VR and AR applications will become increasingly sophisticated, as devices get more powerful and capable of creating higher quality visuals. Our understanding of how humans can usefully navigate and interact within virtual or augmented environments will also evolve, leading to the creation of more “natural” methods of interacting and exploring virtual space.

We will have a number of these sort of products for you to experience along with founders of SA based startup businesses in this space  to answer all of your questions.

Add-Life Technologies

is a company specifically focused on helping people with their rehabilitation in cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and co-ordination through the use of emerging technologies.

Currently, we have developed and are releasing ALTO: A virtual reality rehabilitation solution for stroke. Consisting of a library of virtual reality environments, the individual performs their rehabilitation in a fun and engaging way, which in turn increases their motivation to do the exercises.

After a individual completes an exercise, their data is stored securely in the cloud. This data can be viewed later and the progress of a patient is tracked efficiently and accurately.

Novus Res is an independent virtual reality development studio located in Adelaide, South Australia. Our focus is the creation of our own virtual reality titles for the global market.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Novus. We focus on developing novel and fun ideas for virtual reality game play and on bringing these games to the growing VR market.

Gaming is a fun and creative past time and we bring these elements to our development process ensuring that we create games which people want to play. This approach has not only resulted in successful game releases but also resulted in Novus Res being recognised for multiple business awards for innovation.

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Conversations in The City

And as always we will have a brief chat with a few people making big things happen in SA

You never know who you might meet 

Shane Yeend is back from the US with plans for a Game Changing business to be launched from Adelaide almost ready to go. He will talk with us about this and his vision and plans for Moonshots as a place to work  - and the programs and businesses to be launched from this exiting new venue.


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