Our Monthly Dinners

Taking SA to the World (esp Asia)

At each of our dinners we encourage people to arrive early before formalities start @ 7.15 and leave late after the proceedings conclude @ 9.30 pm - taking the opportunity to meet others and explore opportunities to collaborate in some way around our stated purpose of driving SA forward..

To stumilate that we we have a regular format which allows us to give people doing big bold things a chance to talk about what they do and for our regulars to take part in panels and to present their story and the benefits they are getting from attending in the past

Our theme for 2019 - Taking SA  to the World (esp Asia) 

DINNER 17.0 | 2/10

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Our Events are ALL about
The People you Meet
The Conversations you start
The Connections you make
Accordingly our program is comprised of Conversations - Interviews with plenty of time for Q&A so you can get to know our special guests and our panellists.
We will chat with our guests and panellists about specific topics for a few minutes to get the conversation started and then its over to the Audience to Engage and Connect

The Panel -

The Circular Economy

The circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. Circular systems employ reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling to create a closed system, minimising the use of resource input and the creation of waste, pollution and emissions.

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A lot of Circular Economy leans on material-science. Space industry leans on material-science. Energy storage & production leans on material science. Taller buildings and longer bridges lean on material science. Next- computer chips lean on material science. And so much more leans on material science. Engineering elements and new hybrid elements will deliver wondrous new properties. These new properties will usher in an era of unconstrained benefit and transformation  - Philip Vafiadis

The Panelists

Philip Vafiadis - Chairman Titomic, Innovyz, Innovyz Institute

and Director Australian Transformation & Turnaround Association.

Philip operates at the interplay between technological, societal, commercial and economic change. 

He is also Chairman of Titomic (ASX TTT), which utilises a new process of Kinetic Fusion to usher in an era of industrial scale additive manufacturing. 

Philip has helped many companies, from startups to some of the world’s largest companies, advising founders, leaders and Boards on strategies for technology, innovation, transition, future markets and growth. Philip is also a founding member and a Board Director of the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association, Australia’s peak industry body for transformational professionals.

In support of the European Union adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, Philip has also accepted a role as Board advisor to the recently established SDGs Centre for Governance & Law, jointly developed by Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the European Public Law Organisation.

Alongside these activities Philip contributes time to mentor early-stage leaders and is an active angel investor. 

Vaughan Levitzke Chief Executive Green Industries SA

Green Industries SA delivers strategic policy that enables better resource management and waste reduction through market interventions. These incentivise infrastructure investment, commercialisation of innovation, market development, and improvements to recycling and waste services and systems. GISA facilitates and enables changes that save businesses and governments money whilst building social and economic capacity and activity. GISA is responsible to facilitate South Australia's Green Industries sector, and develop the circular economy. Working on disaster waste management (resilience), infrastructure investment, community education, export opportunities, circular economy, local remanufacturing, food waste, single use plastics, etc.

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Melissa Miller | Strategy Director and Co-founder

Loop Circular Economy Platform

Melissa specialises in transformational organisations and concepts. In 2017 she co-founded Loop Circular Economy Platform with Jodie Bricout.
Loop Platform is dedicated to instigating change toward a circular economy in Australia, and is presenting its third international conference, Powering the change to a circular economy in Adelaide on 11, 12, 13 November 2019.
As Strategy Director of Loop Platform Melissa has influenced the national conversation on the topic of circular economy, with a particular focus on engaging business. In this work she draws upon her background in State Government, higher education, business and the not-for-profit sectors.             

Heather Bailey | Senior Economist - BDO EconSearch

Economic Research & Consulting for Primary Industries, Natural Resources & Regions |

Heather has 19 years professional experience as an environmental scientist and economist in Australia and internationally, working across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. With a background in economics, carbon accounting and environmental sciences, Heather is proficient at integrating these specialist skill sets amongst the teams she manages to deliver coherent projects and in communicating the outcomes to non-technical audiences. She has worked on projects across agriculture, water, carbon, marine resources and scientific research delivery for all levels of government, universities and industry associations, using techniques including cost benefit analysis, input-output analysis and carbon accounting.

Conversations in The City

In line with our theme and our purpose at every dinner we will have a brief  conversation with people doing interesting things in the City of Adelaide. It could be an established business, an inventor, a startup etc.
And we will open up every conversation to our audience to interact engage and connect.
In October we will be taking with 2 Adelaide people we are working with to show Adelaide businesses how to become more Innovative by introducing successful business people to the Entrepreneurs of the future at Carnegie Mellon University Australia via a series of Reverse Pitches - Business people talking about real business problems that smart young people can help them solve by working together.  We are calling it The  Piranhas Feast.
See below for an excerpt from the CMU-A News about the first session last week.  Now have chosen 4 from  20 applicants to join the team.
We will also be talking about a new home for Entrepreneurialism in Adelaide - Moonshots in Hyde Streets  
Shane Yeend - Entrepreneur
Shane is one of Adelaide's most prolific and possibly most successful Entrepreneurs.
He was  described by InDaily invariably as an "outspoken entrepreneur".
Shane has a canny ability to see opportunities and seize them, from games to business.
He is also one of our strongest supporters 
 "When in town I always go to IITC and always leave with more than one... I needed to meet that person. Last night 3. A great mix, not your usual networking event. Well done” 
He will join us from the USA where he is finalising plans for a massive new disruptive venture in Entertainment .
Prof. Danura Miriyagalla, PhD is Deputy Head and Professor of Practice at CMU-A.
With over 20 years of experience across the policy and program management cycles, he has undertaken research, designed, implemented and evaluated policies and programs in several international organisations in collaboration with senior government officials, private sector executives, non-government representatives and academics.

Today Helistar Aviation pitched to CMU-A students its plan to solve one of Australia's major challenges in keeping its public beaches safe and evolving its task force's capabilities with a state of the art AI Aerial Beach Management System. Shane Yeend owner of Helistar Aviation presented alongside Rick Carter, founder of "Innovation in The Ciy".

Helistar Aviation will be selecting CMU Australia's best to work on this exciting initiative to develop a "beach management" software. A feast for hungry entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their skills to the next level. Go tartans! #PiranhasFeast


Doors Open at 6.00pm and proceedings Kickoff at 7.00. There is plenty of action and plenty of time to catch up with others during breaks and we always leave an hour or so after dinner to foster Collaboration.

Of course you can come straight from work and catch up with others over a drink in the Bar at The Rob Roy Hotel in Halifax St in the City.


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