Our Monthly Dinners

Taking SA to the World (esp Asia)

At each of our dinners we encourage people to arrive early before formalities start @ 7.15 and leave late after the proceedings conclude @ 9.30 pm - taking the opportunity to meet others and explore opportunities to collaborate in some way around our stated purpose of driving SA forward..

To stumilate that we we have a regular format which allows us to give people doing big bold things a chance to talk about what they do and for our regulars to take part in panels and to present their story and the benefits they are getting from attending in the past

Our theme for 2019 - Taking SA  to the World (esp Asia) 

DINNER 16.0 | 4/09

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Our Events are ALL about
The People you Meet
The Conversations you start
The Connections you make
Accordingly our program is comprised of Conversations - Interviews with plenty of time for Q&A so you can get to know our special guests and our panellists.
We will chat with our guests and panellists about specific topics for a few minutes to get the conversation started and then its over to the Audience to Engage and Connect

The Panel - Disrupting Education

Education has hardly changed in 300 years. Essentially "stand and deliver" remains the dominant paradigm. Teachers are now expected to be "life long learners" too. And yet we are falling behind.


This group of entrepreneurial education professionals are challenging and disrupting that paradigm. Cyberspace and actual 3D physical reality are intruding into the space between the teacher and their students, as well as the teachers as students. This is not digitisation of the classroom: this is the dissolving of that classroom.


These Panellists are in the market: selling, refining and defining the future of education and education delivery.

The panel to be chaired by Damien Mills Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship Researcher and Developer


Selena WoodwardCEO and Co-Founder Edufolios.org

Professor Eddie Blass

CoFounder and CEO of Inventorium.

Jon Soong

CoFounder and CEO of Makers Empire.


Selena Woodward
CEO and Co-Founder 
A life-long learner and passionate educator, Selena is on a mission to empower all educators to be the best they can be. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Edufolios.org, she is leading the growth and product development of Edufolios. As the only online portfolio specifically designed to meet the registration and accreditation requirements of her profession, Edufolios is a reflective practice SaaS platform for teachers where educators can reflect, connect and grow their practice.

Meet The Panelists

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Professor Eddie Blass

Professor Eddie Blass spent over 20 years working in Higher Education before taking the leap to start her own EdTech solution to the broken education system.  The Inventorium is a platform, curriculum and whole education system designed to be fit for purpose for the 21st century.

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Jon Soong

CoFounder and CEO of Makers Empire.
Makers Empire helps K-8 schools harness the power of 3D printing to teach important STEM concepts, 21st century learning skills and design thinking in a fun and engaging way. Our 3D printing learning program comprises 3D software, curriculum aligned lesson plans, dashboard, training and analytics. Makers Empire is used by thousands of K-8 educators and students in Australia, America and Asia.

Conversations in The City

In line with our theme and our purpose at every dinner we will have a brief (5 - 10 mins) conversation with people doing interesting things in the City of Adelaide. It could be an established business, an inventor, a startup etc.
And we will open up every conversation to our audience to interact engage and connect.
Marco Baccanti - CEO Trajan Nutrition
Marco has 24 years experience as CEO, Managing Director, Chairman in government agencies, companies and science parks. Top management roles in Italy, UAE, Australia. Fluent in five languages.
He Specialised in life sciences, economic development, innovation.
Marco first came to SA almost 5 years ago as Chief Executive of Health Industries SA. When his contract ended he returned to Italy but soon started looking for another role that would being him back to Adelaide as soon as possible.
Recently he was appointed CEO of Adelaide based Trajan Nutrition where he aims to help accelerate the business progress and market adoption of Trajan’s microsampling technologies. Trajan Nutrition was launched in 2017 with the aspiration to make quality nutrition testing more accessible worldwide. Their  mission is to provide leading scientific measurement and innovative custom solutions to impact human wellbeing positively.
Andrew Rogers, principal designer and founder of ARID
 "I founded ARID in 1988. For over twenty five years, I have personally designed and delivered to market more than 300 products. My designs have a wide coverage, involving mechanical equipment, electrical and electronic products, tools, medical equipment, communication devices, home appliances, vehicles, toys, furniture and jewellery, many of which have been awarded patents and won design awards."
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Some years ago Andrew realised his clients would need to manufacture the products he designed in China. To ensure end to end quality control he set up his own factory in Shenzen to ensure he was in control of the whole process. 
He has won many awards. Some being for -  Edison a super affordable programmable almost indestructible Lego compatible robot. Lego has effectively become an industrial standard for construction blocks, more than 15 visions are made by various manufactures, and it is used almost universally in schools around the world for teaching basic engineering principles. Lego manufacture their own programmable module that sells for approximately $1000.00 per student set and takes a minimum of 4 hours preparation time before it can be shared by students. Edison provides a market alternative that disrupts the current STEM robotics education a business model in a number of ways. It is cheap enough for each student to have their robot The robot can be used within 20 seconds of opening the box The robots interact with each other to encourage cooperation between students The robot is very strong and outlasts many of it more expensive competitors The robot is instantly engaging for students and has demonstrated better STEM learning outcomes

Doors Open at 6.00pm and proceedings Kickoff at 7.00. There is plenty of action and plenty of time to catch up with others during breaks and we always leave an hour or so after dinner to foster Collaboration.

Of course you can come straight from work and catch up with others over a drink in the Bar at The Rob Roy Hotel in Halifax St in the City.


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