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Innovator | Entrepreneurship Advocate | Cancer Thriver

I help businesses of the present understand the future ....

                        and businesses of the future understand the present


For more than 50 years I have worked with and for entrepreneurs and innovators building National and Multi-National Businesses and along the way  coached, managed and mentored Media Personalities, World Champion athletes and Olympic Medallists.

After a lengthy career in Technology, Sales and Marketing, Media and Communications I am now helping people develop their Creativity and introduce Disruptive Innovation in their business.... 

Having been diagnosed with a very advanced case of Prostate Cancer 18  months ago I am now proving Cancer can be prevented and reversed with a Body,  Mind and Soul approach. Rather than resort to surgery and chemicals I am helping my body heal itself.

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My Global Radio Show

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Tune  in to The International Business Growth Radio Network www.ibgr.network

for an hour of hints, trips, trends  and motivation to help you grow your business from the ground up.

Over the season we progress each week through the various stages from the Idea to the Execution.

Why Business2.0 .....  I aim to inspire people who are not satisfied with what they are doing to follow their passion and purpose to create their own dream business.  People who have life experience ...maybe faced trauma in business and life and want to have a go again!!

And check out all of the other great programs from around the world all streaming live on IBGR.network

The Ringmaster

I heard Rick speak at the Franchise conference in SA and he had me at -


"This is going to upset a few of you..." He was feisty, fast, full of challenges to the old fashioned way of doing things (last year!) and very stimulating. I booked a personal session straight away because I know Mr Carter knows that he knows. I need that."

Colin Pearce - Author and Aust Professional Speakers Hall of Fame Member

The Corporate Comedian

In late 2019 successful comedian and comedy writyer from Melbourne Nick Stevens suggested Comedy as a way to convey my cancer message.

At 70 and never having done stand up comedy before I decided to have a go.

With the expert writing and coaching of Nick we put together The Ringmaster and ran 6 shows over a month together at Moonshots.

With full houses and good reviews a new career was born.

Want to watch the show and find out about my next show - An Astronaut mows my lawn ??